Best Affordable Duvet Covers 2023

Jun 12, 2023 | Decor | 0 comments

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for the best affordable duvet covers available in 2023. I was on the hunt for affordable, good quality duvet covers for my king-sized Amazon duvet. If you’re looking for a beyond affordable (we’re talking under $40) duvet that’s not too hot for summer, keeps you warm in winter, and is still fluffy enough to look luxurious on your bed… this is it! Amazon for the win… yet again.

But back to the BEST affordable duvet cover you came looking for. I’ve actually got two recommendations for duvet covers I own and have used on my bed. Both are affordable.

The first is the Bedsure Waffle Weave Duvet Cover in Coconut Milk. I fell in love with this duvet cover as soon as it arrived. Not only is it priced well, thick, and heavy – it’s also textured with a luxurious, hotel-like waffle knit finish. This is one of those things people will ask about when they come over. It’s so easy to build on this look to amp up the luxury feel. And for those reasons, this is undoubtedly one of the best affordable duvet covers on the market in 2023 (and probably 2024 and 2025 too!)

The second is a real standout because of the price to quality ratio. The price is wayyyy too low for the quality to be this good! I was actually hesitant to order it because of how affordable it is! After buying my Arhaus Picstitch quilt for the foot of my bed and euro shams for the head, I realized the Bedsure duvet cover was suddenly too textured to provide a cohesive look. I went on the hunt, typing (you guessed it!) “best affordable duvet covers 2023”, and I ended up with… Nothing. Nada. No good options. 

The issue was I was looking for a specific color. After having a white duvet cover against my taupe bed frame and adding a charcoal quilt, shams, and bench, I decided to go with a taupe(ish) duvet cover. I was open to oatmeal, taupe, tan, all of the colors in that family. 

After 2,864 internet searches, I finally found the Amazon Aware Organic Cotton Duvet Cover. The color looked perfect, but the price gave me pause. But hey, it’s Amazon. Returns are easy! So, I hit the “Buy Now” button, and two days later this baby showed up at my door.

After unwrapping it, I noticed the sheen on the fabric. It’s beautiful! Then, I noticed the weight… Much lighter than the Bedsure Duvet Cover. Next, I noticed there were only two ties inside. And that point, I just knew it was going back, but since the process was already underway, I proceeded. I got my duvet inside it, put it on my bed, and instantly LOVED IT! It looks amazing! And after the first night sleeping with it, I knew it was a winner. This is the one! Because of the price, texture, and quality of this duvet, I’m giving it the Best Affordable Duvet Cover of 2023 Award. It’s that good. 

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