Make A Deposit:A Guide to Rebuilding Your Identity and Finding Fulfillment After Having Kids

Being a mother is A LOT… Everyone depends on you. Everyone wants your time and attention.

But what about what you want and need? What about YOU? If you don’t know what you want for yourself yet, that’s okay. In fact, it’s ideal! This is an opportunity to relearn yourself, redefine who you are, and LEAN IN to who you want to become.

Lifestyle content creator and mom of four, Danielle LaShawn McKnight was there—a mom who loved her family endlessly but didn’t recognize who she was outside of the “mom” title. From endless chores to always investing in family first, Danielle had to do something different or stay miserable.

Make a Deposit is the step-by-step guide for women who’ve lost their identity in motherhood to redefine themselves using their current situation as a stepping stone. Packed with insights into how making small deposits daily can add up to drastic life improvements, this is the pathway that will help you create your best life centered on who you are now. With easy-to-use exercises, Make a Deposit teaches you to use daily choices, no matter how insignificant they seem, to increase your rewards.

Discover how to:

Celebrate yourself

By recalling your positive attributes and accomplishments and how they’ve benefited your family.

Identify any yo-yo experiences

That are keeping you from making progress and create a strategy to break the cycle.

Influence your dreams

By tracking how you spend your time for a week.

Keep your perspectives from controlling your behavior negatively

Get to the root cause of your emotions, and correct them with easy tools like breath work, stretching, or writing.

Things you think, say, and do have the power to change your life. Down-to-earth and humorous, this self-care guide will help you spot opportunities to change your future into one you love.

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