Content Creation Professional

I am a well-rounded lifestyle and UGC creator with more than 6 years of experience promoting beauty, health & wellness, furniture, home decor, grocery/meal delivery, skincare, fashion, and small appliance brands.

1 UGC Video – 4 Hook variations

I understand how to create UGC videos that convert, and how a small shift in tone or language can influence viewers in different ways. For this reason, I always offer at least two hooks with every UGC video I create. Doing this ensures that my clients have options and are always satisfied with the product they receive.  


Each of these YouTube videos features a product or service that was thoughtfully promoted using a combination of unboxing, trying on, and/or usage and demonstration. In each of these videos, I provide my honest thoughts and opinions in a way that brings awareness to the brand, but also ensures the viewer is entertained and receives the valuable information they are looking for.


Each of these TikTok videos entertains through storytelling and relationship-building. The videos that feature one or more products also include a combination of unboxing, trying on, and usage. I always provide my honest opinions, share why I like a product, and talk about what it is doing or has done for me. This is sometimes achieved non-verbally through clever use of product placement and demonstration.

Work With Me


TikTok: @daniellelashawn__
YouTube: Danielle LaShawn